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My crazy

Here i am sitting here in the middle of the night wondering where the hell my life went out of control........My husband is expecting way more than I can give, my in-laws are meddling insecure two faced back stabbing sob's and I am in the middle tryting to keep my sanity trying to please God my husband my children. Secretly wishing I didn't always have to wear this fake smile and hide my tears so everyone thinks I am alright. Why did I have to end up with thge mental issues that run in my family? Anxiety is once again huffung and puffing at my door, zanax are like candy right now. Wish my mom could come down from heavan and place her arms around me so I could have a good cry and she would wipe my eyes and tell me everything is going to be okay..... My faith in God is strong I know all thibngs work out for His honor and glory and He already knows the ending to my story, just wish I did sometimes.


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